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Connected Warriors.

Helping the world feel better – One breath at a time.

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Connected Warriors provides Servicemembers, Veterans and their families free trauma-conscious therapeutic yoga classes that lead to healthier and more peaceful lives.  

  • They respect each family's current state and value its future state, through yoga.
  • They help families define and build the new normal, through yoga.
  • They empower families, through yoga.
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Wraptsody Yoga Wrap Pants will support these efforts and this culture directly and indirectly.

Directly, we will offer our pants to members of the Connected Warriors community at a significant discount and we will make a donation to the organization from the proceeds of every pair of Wraptsody Yoga Wrap Pants sold at their web shop.

Directly, we will participate in two events that Connected Warriors will be putting on this year:  

  • Public trauma-conscious yoga classes on the USS Midway in San Diego Harbor in June.
  • Onboard the USS Intrepid on the Hudson River in New York City in September.

Indirectly, we will volunteer our business and creative acumen to help Connected Warriors gain greater awareness of the great work that they do in order to expand their donor base and volunteer network.

To learn more about Connected Warriors or to donate or volunteer, click here to go their website.



*Connected Warrior photography by: Robert Sturman Studio.